Ways to prevent Malaria without drugs


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:45:23:

Malaria is caused by female mosquitoes. It is dangerous for children and pregnant women to suffer from malaria because it can easily lead to death if it is not dictated and treated early enough. Thousands of children and pregnant women still die from malaria every year in Nigeria despite the affordable treatment available. It is better to take proactive steps to prevent mosquito bites than treating malaria.

Some ways to prevent malaria without drugs include;
- Keeping Your Surrounding Clean: Mosquitoes are known to breed in dirty environments. Thus, if your surrounding is dirty, then you have created a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and your chances of developing malaria in such an environment are tripled. In order to prevent malaria, you have to ensure that your immediate environment and outside surroundings is kept neat all times. This may involve cutting grasses around you, burning or burying of household waste. Also, stagnant water is another excellent breeding place for mosquitoes, so you have to ensure that all stagnant water around your house is either sucked out or covered with sand.

- Sleeping in a Mosquito Treated Net: Another way to prevent malaria is to ensure that you sleep under a treated net at all times. Mosquitoes can hardly penetrate a treated net, thus, you are safe as long as you sleep under a treated net. Also ensure that you personally treat your mosquito nets every 3 months to retain its potency. Treating a net involves soaking the net in the treatment water and spreading under a shed to dry.

- Eating a lot of fruits: Eating fruits boosts one's immune system and makes it harder for you to get infected by Malaria

- Staying physically fit: Physical fitness also helps and this requires doing regular exercise on a daily basis.

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