7 Nigerian fruits that helps to fight cancer


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Posted by Akanakem on Tuesday August 16, 2016 at 8:5:59:

Cancer is a disease that occurs when there is an uncontrolled multiplication in the number of abnormal cells in a the body. Doctor’s believe that some of the major causes of cancer is excess consumption of processed foods, exposure to environmental toxins and hereditary. As at today, there are no known cures for cancer but scientists believe that lifestyle changes can help prevent it.

Here are 7 Nigerian fruits that can help to fight cancer:

i. Carrots: Carrot is one common fruit vegetable that is available in Nigeria. Besides the fact that carrot contains Vitamins A which is needed for healthy eye sight, it also contains some nutrients called flavonoids and Carotenoids which helps to fight cancer, especially the colon cancer.

ii. Tomatoes: Most Nigerians prefer to fry or boil tomatoes but the full nutritional content in a tomato is gotten when it is eaten raw or close to that. Tomato is also a good source of Vitamins A, and it also contains a nutrient called Lycopene which helps to prevent and fight prostrate cancer. It's best eaten as a salad or cooked.

iii. Onions: Onions is another effective fruit vegetable that helps to fight cancer. It contains guercetin which is a nutrient that helps to boost the body’s immune system, prevents oxidation of the body’s beta cells and also helps to fight colon cancer.

iv. Oranges: orange is a good source of Vitamin C which is needed to prevent scruffy, orange also contains carotenoids and beat carotene which are cancer fighting agents.

v. Native Pear: Native pear which is popularly known as Ube in Igbo language contains riboflavin and panthotenate which are nutrients that helps to fight cancer.

vi. Pineapple: This contains a nutrient called Bromelain which is helps to fight colon cancer.

vii. African Star Apple: This fruit is popularly known as Udara or Agbalumo. It contains several antioxidant properties that help to fight cancer.

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