How to make pure water in Nigeria using a water distiller


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Water is one of the basic needs of man. Some of the water sources available in Nigeria are not safe for human consumption. Thus Nigerians should make it a habit to purify any water gotten from these sources .

One of the safest ways to purify water and make it safe for drinking is to distil it. Distillation simply means boiling water to a high temperature until all it turns to vapour (gas) and escapes from impurities within it before getting condensed to liguid again.

The heat kills the harmful micro-organism and evaporation seperates the water molecules from other phyisical impurities so that when it gets converted to liquid again, it looks pure and tastes as it ought to.

Doing a water distillation yourself at home can be a time consuming and dangerous task, but luckily, equipments like the Megahome Countertop water distiller can be used to make the process very easy and less stressful. A good reason why you should use the Megahome distiller is that the distiller not only brings the water to a boiling point to kill impurities, it also separates the purified water. Letís go through the process of using the Megahome Countertop distiller to purify your drinking water in Nigeria:

How a Megahome countertop distiller works:

i.Get at least a gallon of dirty or tap water, uncover the top of your Megahome distiller and pour the water inside before covering it.

ii. Plug the wire extension of the machine to a socket extension and press the power button. Leave the distiller for at least 3 hours to work its magic on the water. After which you leave for at least 1 hour for the water to cool off.

iii. The Megahome distiller collects the distilled water in a glass chamber. Open the glass cover and pour the water there inside a clean water container for drinking

The condensed water is a purere form of water that you'd hardly find in supermarkets and stores in Nigeria and as long as you have electricity, you can always make your own pure water at home.

Another way to make pure water through distillation is by making use of sunlight. You'nd need 2 containers and a pipe or system that would allow the water to move from one container to another as the sun's heat touches them. It make take a few days to complelely work but it's possible adn there are many examples of such on websites like YouTube and Facebook.

Re: How to make pure water in Nigeria using a water distiller Reply by Michael Egbo on Monday January 30, 2017 at 20:38:5:

Please where can I buy this in Nigeria, I'm very very interested

Re: How to make pure water in Nigeria using a water distiller Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday January 30, 2017 at 20:38:5:

I've not seen it sold anywhere in Nigeria but you can buy it online from You should first check with some local stores in Nigeria to ask about it and if you don't see it, then you can buy it directly from Amazon using a US mail forwarding service

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