Are hair relaxers good for the hair?


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 14:5:35:

Hair Relaxers are used by Africans to soften the hair probably due to the fact that Africans have a stronger hair type that is not often easy to take care of alone. The use of Hair Relaxers didnít start today but as far back as the early 20th century. Hair Relaxers have been in vogue even among white people.

Despite the fact that Hair Relaxers makes the process of taking care of the hair so easy, regular use of it have a negative effect on the hair

Some of the negative effects of using Hair Relaxers include;

1. It Raises the Risk of Fibroid: Research has shown that women that make constant use of Hair Relaxers suffer a higher risk of developing fibroid, which is major cause of infertility among women.

2. It thins off the Hair: in the process of relaxing the hair, Hair Relaxers especially strong ones tend to thin off the hair and it is one of the causes of hair loss for women.

3. It causes Pain: Personally, I dread the periods when I have to retouch or relax my hair, because of pain that is associated with the procedure. I have a very soft scalp and due to the harsh nature of most Relaxers, I get to experience much pain and I know there are many other women out there who are experiencing the same; so one of the bad sides of using Hair Relaxers is the pain you feel when it is used on your hair.

4. It can cause Scalp Damage: extensive use of Relaxers can cause a permanent damage to the scalp and that's why it's only advisable to use them not too close to your scalp and only occasionally.

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