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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 14:56:19:

Soft drinks are non alcoholic beverages like Soda, Coke and other similar drinks. What most people know about soft drinks are the disadvantages of taking them; which include; that soft drinks are the major cause of obesity and over weight and also diabetes due to the excess sugar content in each bottle of soft drink. For once, we will look at the few health benefits that you get from taking soft drinks.

1. It contains Caffeine: Soft drinks contain a health quantity of caffeine. Caffeine helps to stimulate the nervous system that is why you tend to become more alert after you consume your cup of coffee, because of the caffeine content; also caffeine helps to break down fats which are found around the liver. Fat accumulation around the liver prevents that organ from function to its maximum, so caffeine is needed to break down the unwanted fats.

2. Prevention of Diseases: this may sound surprising to some people, but soft drinks helps you prevent some diseases like colon cancer, gallstone and Parkinson disease; meaning that taking moderate quantity of soft drinks reduces the chances of you suffering from these diseases.

3. Carbonated Water: soft drinks are made with carbonated waters, and there are some health benefits that can be derived from it; for instance, carbonated water helps to combat constipation and also serves as a relief for nausea feeling.

4. It provides energy: Most soft drinks contain sugar and it can help give you a boost of energy when you are so tired or exhausted. Someone who is suffering from low sugar could take a bottle of soft drink and regain himself.

That does not mean that you should start consuming soft drinks in large quantity because of the health benefits listed above; drinking moderately is strictly advised.

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