Natural ways to reduce your blood pressure


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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 11:17:34:

Blood pressure is the rate at which blood pushes through the blood vessels; when the blood pressure is high, it becomes a dangerous health issue that can lead to many complications such as stroke and heart failure is an immediate action is not taken to remedy the situation; as the heart is working harder than the required rate. Some of the causes of high blood pressure include; stress and bad eating habits.

1. Loose Weight: obesity and over weight is one of the highest causes of high blood pressure. When you are over weight, fats are clustered around the heart region, adding extra stress to the fat as it performs its work; so the best remedy recommended to avoid or take care of blood pressure is to loose some extra pounds in the body to loose up the heart region.

2. Maintain A Healthy Eating Habit: avoid food that are high on white processed carbohydrates like white rice, bread and snacks; also foods high on saturated and animal fats should also be avoided. Your meals should contain more of proteins, fruits and vegetables. Replace white rice with brown rice, and also reducing the quantity of salt you add to your meals will also go along way to reduce you blood pressure.

3. Reduce Alcohol intake: Alcohol is known to increase the blood pressure; you can lower a high blood pressure by reducing the quantity of alcohol you consume daily; if you can abstain from it totally, it will do your health a lot of good.

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