How Nigerian mothers can lose weight


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Posted by Akanakem on Monday August 15, 2016 at 16:10:21:

Staying at home, pregnancy and child training usually make Nigerian mothers to add weight. It requires a lot of discipline from the mother to actually shed the weights gained during motherhood. Most Nigerian mothers do absolutely nothing to lose their weight and keep fit for their health sake. That is why most of them are usually overweight and obese after giving birth to one or two children. The truth remains that, with self-discipline and efforts, most Nigerian mothers can lose the excess weight.

Some of the ways Nigerian mothers can lose the excess baby weights are:

1. Cuting out On Junk Foods: Junks are unhealthy foods like snacks, carbonated drinks, sweets and chocolates and high carb diets. These junk foods contain high carbohydrates and fats which is converted to fatty acids and stored under the skin. You can lose as much as 1 Pound a week from cutting out junks from your diets without exercise.

2. Having Regular Exercise: Exercise helps to melt down excess fats from the body. Nigerian mothers can learn to incorporate exercise as part of their daily routine. The good thing is that you donít need to register for expensive gym memberships to lose weight. You can start with a 30 minutes walk daily. Aerobic exercise like rope skipping, jogging, cycling helps to burn fats faster.

3. Healthy Eating: Exercise without healthy eating will produce little or no results. Nigerian mothers can lose weight faster if they learn to have the self-discipline to eat healthy meals. Examples of healthy meals are beans, moi-moi, unripe plantain, eggs, and much of leafy green vegetables. Also, skipping night meals will help for weight loss.

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