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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 15:30:11:

Sometimes, I actually sit down to think what life will look like for living things without the existence of water; our lives as human beings revolve around water. Every single day you have contact with water; you drink it, take a bathe with it, use it for cleaning the environment or prepare meals with it. For this article I will focus on drinking water and the benefits of drinking water. Health experts’ advice that human beings should take at least 8 glasses of water; some of the benefits of drinking water include;

• It Aids Digestion: For the food we eat to digest well, it needs water to help it go through the necessary digestion process; so water is needed to aid digestion of food.

• It Flushes Out Toxins In The Body: Each day, you come in contact with toxins that find their way into the body either from what you eat, drinks you take, air you breath or through the skin, and large accumulation of these toxins in the body cause the body and major organs of the body to break down; water helps to flush out these toxins from the body through sweat and urine.

• It Make The Skin To Glow: Water has the same effect on the skin as fruits and vegetables; drinking at least 8 cups of water daily will clear up your skin pores and make the skin to glow.

• It quenches your thirst: Have you noticed that whenever you are thirsty, taking other liquids will not quench the thirst the way a glass of water will. When you are no longer thirsty, you’d become well mentally balanced to do other things

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