Effects of frequent exercise on your health


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 14:2:57:

We are actually advised by health experts to always make out at least 5 hours weekly to exercise and workout the body. It shows that exercise is needed by the body to function well.

Some of the effects of frequent exercise on your health include;

1. Weight loss: for people that wish to loose the excess fats in the body, diet is not enough, exercise should be included in the process because exercise especially acrobatic exercises helps the body to shade off excess fats and stay in shape. Some regular exercises that help to loose weight and stay fit include; running, jogging, rope skipping and swimming.

2. Removes from the Body: one other benefit of regular exercise is that it helps the body to get ride of liquid waste from the body in the form of sweat; that is why you are encouraged to sweat it out more often.

3. It is Good For the Heart: exercise helps the heart to pump blood faster; this is a form of exercise for the heart and this helps to melt off fats clotted around the heart, to make it function better. That is why it is said that People that exercise at least 3 times a week will rarely suffer heart failure or heart attack.

4. It keeps you in a Good Mood: when you exercise, the body releases an enzyme that helps to boost your mood; that is why people suffering from depression are encouraged to exercise more often; it also helps to reduce stress from the body.

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