How to lose weight by reducing your food intake


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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 10:57:46:

Health experts have confirmed that for someone to loose weight, first the person has to exercise to burn out the excess calories in the body, and secondly, the person has to reduce the food intake to match only the bodyís daily calorie need.

Letís discuss further on the second aspect which is to reduce food intake. It has been confirmed that a person can loose weight with time by just reducing his or her food portion; but some people take this over board by completing starving to induce a faster weight loss process. Starving has to do with when a person totally abstains from food for a short period of time. Starving can be very harmful to the body. It can rather lead to rapid weight gain because after you starve your body of the necessary nutrients to function, it enters the scarcity mode, and the next time you feel like eating, the hunger pang will be doubled to make up for the meals you missed; so taking smaller portions of food regularly is the better option for weight loss.

Some people find it difficult to reduce their food portion because of glutton or eating binge.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your food portions;

a. Serve your meals in a smaller plate; it will make the plate look full, and most times you may not want to go for second serving.

b. Cook only the portion of food you will eat at moment. A micro wave comes in handy here; you may not have the urge to warm up or cook another food after you are done with your first plate.

c. Replace excess foods with fruits and vegetables.

d. Reduce your regular food intake by 40% of you want to lose weight by 40%

e. Avoid eating snacks or burgers in between your meals as this tend to make you lose control.

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