Disadvantages of drinking cold water


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 10:47:49:

Drinking of cold water is a habit common to people staying in warm regions in Africa like in Nigeria.

In our country for instance, cold water is packaged in different retail sized containers such as the small 50cl sachet bags and a cold one normally sells faster on a hot day than the ordinary ones.

Personally I am some how addicted to drinking cold water whether the weather is cold or not despite the fact that I know the numerous health implications of taking cold water and I know that many others with the same habit; this article will focus on the disadvantages of drinking cold water;

1. It slows down Blood Flow: one of the disadvantages of drinking cold water in large quantity constantly is that when you take cold water, it congeals and disrupts free blood flow to other parts of the body; one of the damages related to inadequate blood flow in the body is that the feet starts to swell up which is a similar case to liver failure.

2. It encourages the Storage of Toxins in the Body: When blood flows freely inside the body, waste or unwanted products or materials are flushed out of the body through sweat, excrete or urine; when the blood flow is congealed as a result of taking cold water, these wastes are stored up in the body because it is the blood that takes these wastes products to their respective places where they are flushed out.

3. Stress to the Body System: when cold water is taken, it takes the body extra energy to warm up the water to body temperature and that is adding extra stress to the body.

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