Why prostate cancer is killing many Nigerian men


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:47:46:

Prostate cancer is a cancer that occurs in the prostate gland which is responsible for producing seminal fluid; statistics show that over 70% men suffer from this type of cancer before they get to the age of 80. Before going into why Nigerian men suffer from prostrate cancer, letís discuss some of the basic symptoms of prostate cancer. Though there is no early warning sign for Prostate cancer, but if you are up to 50 years and you notice the following symptoms, its best to visit a doctor; i. Difficulty in stopping urine stream ii. Pain when your ejaculate. Iii. Pain when your urinate iv. Frequent urination.

Some of the reasons why prostrate cancer is killing many Nigerians includes;

1. Ignorance: Nigeria has a high rate of illiteracy especially in the Northern region; these people are ignorant of this disease because proper awareness is not being created to enlighten the people about the disease and how to prevent it.

2. Poverty: due to the high rate of poverty in Nigeria, most people cannot afford good health care; and the treatment for prostrate cancer does not come cheap and in most cases, you may have to be flown abroad to countries like Indian to receive medical attention and not many people can afford this luxury; so a lot of Nigerian men die from this disease owing to poverty.

3. Late Treatment: due to the fact that there is no early sign to show that prostrate cancer is growing in the gland, most people discover the disease when it is too late to start treatment.

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