How to avoid tooth decay


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:39:24:

The rate at which people experience tooth related problems is very alarming; one out of every ten person meet have had tooth problems; most especially tooth decay. Tooth decay also known as dental decay occurs when acids that find there way into the mouth dissolves the outer part of the teeth also known as the enamel. Tooth decay does not just occur suddenly, it is a process that takes time to happen.

I will review steps you can take daily to avoid the tooth decay;

1. Brush Tooth Twice A Day: Some dentists even recommend brushing of teeth immediately after a meal; meaning that if you eat 5 times a day, you should brush 5 times, but to make it easier, brushing twice a day is also good; in the morning and evening. This helps to get rid of acids that must have found their way into the mouth from food we eat or from the stomach through saliva.

2. Fluxing of Teeth: this is very different from brushing; it has to do with rinsing the mouth thoroughly with water; this should be done after eating anything, not necessary a meal. Flexing helps to get rid of particles inside the mouth that may decay with time and turn to acids that will braise off the enamel.

3. Minimize Sugar intake: Sugary food is one fast catalyst that cause tooth decay fast; and most times we take these sugar snacks and forget to brush or flux the mouth, leaving particles to decay inside the mouth. If you must take sugary food, remember to brush and flux immediately after eating.

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