Benefits of glucose to the human body


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 16:4:7:

Glucose is also known as monosaccharide and it is the simplest form of sugar that is food in any food substance; it is called monosaccharide because it contains just one molecule of sugar; there is also disaccharide which contains two molecules of sugar. Glucose is known as the healthiest type of sugar which is needed by the body; some foods that contain glucose include; dried fruits such as raisins, nuts and dried apricot; fresh fruits; strawberry, Paw Paw, and apple and also honey.

1. Energy: glucose is the number source of energy in the body; although the Fatty acid is also another source of energy for the body; the body requires more of glucose to perform daily functions like walking.

2. Easy For Metabolism: the body cannot easily digest sugar or carbohydrate, which is why it is converted to glycogen for easy metabolism; but Glucose, is easily digested in the body.

3. Healthy Skin: not many people know about this, but glucose gives you a healthy and smooth skin.

4. Contains Vital Nutrients: asides energy, there are some other vital nutrients that are contained in glucose; they include calcium which is needed for strong bones, teeth and skeletal frame, Iron which provides the body haemoglobin, which is needed for the production of blood cells and helps the heart to function well; it also helps to transfer oxygen from the lungs into the blood stream; finally, Potassium which is a mineral helps to keep the blood pressure and cholesterol at the required level.

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