Importance of having a good night sleep


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday January 19, 2015 at 15:49:0:

The importance of having a good night sleep should not be underestimated by anybody; it is said that everybody needs to observe at less eight hours of sleep every night but people choose to ignore this health advise due to stress which may be work related or insomnia which is a health condition that causes a person not to feel sleepy even at night. This article will focus on mentioning some of the very important reasons or health benefits of observing a good night sleep;

1. It makes You Refreshed For The New Day: when you are sleep and your body are as well taking a well deserved rest from the day’s work and stress, and this makes you refreshed, hearty and strengthen to start a fresh day; that is why you notice that you always feel groggy and moody any night you sleep for just four hours or less.

2. It helps To Boost Your Memory: It is a proven fact that having a good night sleep helps to boost your memory; this is because science have shown that the human mind still gets busy even when a person is asleep to help assimilate major information the brain acquired when the body was awake. That is why students who are preparing for exams are advised to have a good night sleep before they commence studying.

3. Helps Increase Life Span: this may sound surprising to some people, but different studies have shown that people who observe less than 5 hours pf sleep daily will have a shorter life span when compared to people that sleep 8 hours or more daily.

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