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Posted by James on Monday December 22, 2014 at 17:43:29:

One food that can be said to have a Nigerian root is the Akara which is most of the time accompanied with a semi-liquid corn based food that we know as Pap. Akara is made essentially from beans and bits of other ingredients like pepper, tomatoes, onions and other things that you may wish to add. On the other hand, Pap is basically extracted from corn and prepared with sugar, milk and water and it is best served when hot. Akara which is also known as bean cake is a very healthy meal and is served with pap and milk usually on a Saturday morning. This is one meal that is known to give you the energy needed to get the day kick started.

When it comes to akara, they are rich in protein gotten from beans. This food is known to provide a healthy alternative to our meat and animal proteins. They help to repair tissues that are worn out. This bean cake is also rich in soluble fibre which is known to lower cholesterol level. Most people have always disliked this form of cake because of the beans it is made of. They feel beans causes indigestion and flatulence. It may interest you to know that this same food help a great deal in losing weight.

According to nutritional experts, each ball of this cake contains 71 calories approximately, if just prepared with the basic things as mentioned earlier. Its calorie content for fat is just 10 and protein s high as 45 calories and which is really good when it comes to losing weight. Fibre and sugar make up the remaining the 14 calories.

On the other end, pap a popular staple use of corn is another nutritious and healthy food. Corn here is one plant that qualifies as medicinal and good for the heart. It is wholly natural with no additives what so ever. It contains potassium which helps to lower B.P - effortlessly maintaining a normal blood pressure. This makes it perfect for hypertensive patients. This food contains a high level of water which is why nursing mothers use it to help the easy flow of breast milk after a delivery.

Its texture also makes it very easy to digest, making it a perfect food for recuperating individuals just recovering from illness and also perfect for breakfast as the stress it exerts on the digestive system is so minimal. Pap delivers a great deal of carbohydrate despite its texture. This is why it is recommended for athletes like during their half time when they can't afford to take something heavy (as this can affect their movement in the game) but need to be refreshed and fluids lost by sweating replaced.

Akara, together with Pap is an ideal form of breakfast any time any day. Together they are a healthy combination with countless nutritional benefits and help in the prevention of lots of diseases like stroke and the rest. This food combination is considered the perfect way the start your day.

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