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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 11:10:16:

Everybody experience headaches from time to time. It can be a symptom of a serious ailment, it can be caused by stress or flu. There are many over the counter drugs that can be taken to relieve headaches, but it is advised that the patient seeks medical attention if the headache persists after 2 days as it may be a symptom of a serous illness.

I will discuss other alternative ways to get fast relieve for headaches apart from taking over the counter drugs;

- Drink plenty of water: dehydration is one of the causes of headaches especially if you are having a hangover; you can drink a glass of water and half glass every 30 minutes to hydrate your body and ease off the headache.

-Use a cold compress on your forehead: Most times headache can be caused as a result of constriction in the blood vessels on the head; you can place a cool soft towel soaked inn cold water on your head to ease of the blood vessels. You can also use ice packs wrapped in towel and place it on your forehead; this should relieve the headache in 30 minutes time.

- Massage: Tension can also be a number one cause of headaches; you can do some light massage by gently pressing your fingers on your temples, bridge of your nose and scalp in a circular motion to ease off the headache. You can also get a friend to massage the base of your neck to ease off the tension

- Take drugs: Yes, just taking some pain relieving drugs can provide a quick relief. Something like paracetamol will do but it shouldn't be used for too long without a Doctor's prescription.

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