The effects of drug abuse


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:45:9:

Drug abuse has to do with in take of hard or controlled drugs such as heroine, marijuana and cocaine codeine; drug abuse often develops to addiction, that is total dependence on such drugs, and it is always hard to stop the addictions once a person is hooked to it. Drug abuse is one of the top vices engaged by youths especially in advanced countries.

Some of the effects of drug abuse; this will include both physical and psychological effects drugs have on a person:

- Rapid rate of heartbeat: in worst cases hard drugs like cocaine induces pressure on the heart and makes it pump blood at a faster rate than normal, hence the rapid heartbeat rate; and if treated instantly can escalate to a serious cardiovascular issue like hear failure and death of the victim.

- Depression and mood disorder: drug abuse victims usually suffer from acute depression which is a after effect of drugs like cocaine and amphetamine; and most often the victims starts having suicidal thoughts. That is why drug abuse victims have higher chances of committing suicide. Drug abuse addicts have this mod disorder after effect, this minutes the person is as happy as a kite, the next minute the person becomes withdrawn or violent in some cases.

- Mental disorder and isolation: One of the known after effects of marijuana is mental disorder, which causes imbalance in the part of the brain that controls reasoning. Other anti social behaviours like isolating one's self and having a low self esteem are other side effects of drug abuse.

- Faster aging process: Drug abuse also makes victims to age much faster than their mates as it wears down their skin much faster not just externally but also internally, on the organs.

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