Things you can do to avoid arthritis


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:38:41:

Arthritis is caused by friction in the joints which lead to stiffness and pains; most times it is always people who are advanced in age that suffer from it. There is no cure for the condition and the way forward is either to cultivate healthy habits that will help to prevent its occurrence or you can learn to manage it when it occurs.

Things you can do to avoid arthritis.

- Maintain a healthy weight: obesity is one of the things that can cause arthritis; you can avoid it by loosing weight; exercising regularly and maintain an active lifestyle. This way, there will not be excessive strain on your joints as a result of the extra weights you carry. A 10 pounds drop in your weight can go a long way to prevent the occurrence of the arthritis condition.

- Avoid knee injuries: arthritis is not only caused by excess weight, knee injuries can develop to arthritis if not treated properly; if you are engaged in any type of vigorous sports or lifestyle; always ensure that your wear a knee guard to cushion the effects of a fall or injury.

- Eat Healthy diets: to prevent arthritis, you should start early enough to watch our diets and what you eat; foods containing high saturated fats should be totally avoids, because they are one of the factors that cause arthritis; rather it should be replaced with food high in proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy non saturated fats.

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