How to relieve arthritis pain


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:37:35:

Arthritis is a health condition that normally affects people who are advanced in age; it is caused by inflammation in the joints which leads to stiffness and pains. Right now there is not yet a known cure for the treatment of arthritis; what doctors usually do is to give patients anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers to help reduce the friction and pains.

Natural ways a person can help relieve arthritis pains without taking medications;

- Weight Loss: extra weight is one of the causes of arthritis since more pressure is placed on your joints with the extra weight; loosing weight can help reduce the pressure on the joints. Since the joints are already experiencing frictions, vigorous exercises are not encouraged for weight loss. You can loose the extra weight by changing your diet to a more healthy diet with more of fruits and vegetables; add omega 3 fats to your diets as it helps to reduce friction; also go for long walk.

- Hot water and cold water therapy: you can place packs of ice on the joints to help relieve the pains; this gives you instant relief, while taking a long soak in warm water can help reduce the stiffness and friction on the joint

- Get a regular massage: massaging affected joints helps to reduce friction and pain in the joints; you visit massage parlour or learn to massage your joints when ever the pains intensify; Thought this is just a short term relieve to the pains

- Taking painkiller drugs: Some drugs are also good for relieving arthritis related pain. At times, it is a much faster way to get rid of pain but it's mostly a short term relief.

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