Why hand washing is better than using a sanitizer


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 8, 2014 at 16:39:36:

Ever since the Ebola Virus Disease (EDV) became popular, the use of hand sanitizer has been advocated as one of things that can be used as a means of protection from the virus, and people where advised to wash their hands with hand sanitizers regularly especially immediately after a hand shake with another person; but it has been proved that it is better to wash hands with water and soap especially running water than to use a hand sanitizer to clean the hand.

Reasons why hand washing with soap is better than using a sanitizer;

- It Gets Rid Of Germs Faster: Washing hands with water and soap helps to get rid of germs on the hands making them to fall of with the vigorous effect of water and soap, while most sanitizer merely reduces the growth of the germs instead of out rightly getting rid of them

- Irritation: Some hand sanitizers are made from chemicals which are harsh on the skin and cause irritation, but with water and soap irritation rarely occur.

- It fights Resistance By Germs: Extensive use of sanitizers can cause germs to develop resistance to it unless the sanitizer is made with 60 to 70 percent alcohol, while in the case of water and soap, germs does not really have the ability to develop resistance, as they can be washed off with the water, also sanitizers does not have equal effects on all germs, it may kill a particular germ and while it will have no effect on others.

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