Easy steps to lose weight in Nigeria


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Posted by on Wednesday August 3, 2011 11:23:24:

In Nigeria, it can be a challenge keeping to a routine that can help you control your weight. A lot of women, particularly busy mothers have a hard job controlling their weight. A lot of married men too have pot bellies all of which does not help their marriage or health.

What are the things that make people get fat easily in Nigeria? Let me start by listing a few of them here:
- Idlensess: Such as no job, school or responsibility
- Heavy night eating
- Depression
- Habitual partying and night life
- Desire to gain weight
- Little or no exercise routine
- Eating as a habit

If you are interested in losing weight or at least want to start seeing results, here are some tips that can help you to achieve that:

- Get a foot scale and measure your weight
- Reduce your night meals by half of the usual
- Eat more vegetables and fruits during afternoon rather than snacks or drinks
- Double your daily water intake
- Get used to drinking tea in the morning. Teas like Lipton, top tea or Chinese tea will do. Not cocoa drinks or milk oh.

You should start seeing some results and feel much healthier as days go by. You can also check your weight again in about a week and keep record of it in a journal.

If you are used to going to parties and weddings, avoid sugar drinks or energy drinks. Well you can just take one bottle and no more. Those are easy places for getting unwanted body fat.

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