Why Nigerian men love instant noodles


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 15:7:33:

Instant noodles are a packaged food product that has been prepared and packed for easy preparation before eating. It is prepared by boiling it with water for as little as 3 minutes or until done. Little wonder, it is the one of the few foods Nigerian men know how to prepare.

Some of the reasons why Nigerian men love instant noodles include;

• Fast To Prepare: It takes approximately less than 5 minutes to prepare a pack of instant noodles, which makes it a perfect option to cub hunger and one of the reasons why Nigerian men love the meal.

• Easy To Cook: The Instant noodle is already prepared before its packed making it very easy to prepare; with instant noodle, you don’t need to go through the normal cooking process of getting food stuffs and preparing them from scratch which is much stressful and takes a lot of time, this is one more reason why Nigerian men look noodles.

• No Need to have complex cooking skills: Most Nigeria men lack cooking or culinary skills because of this prevalent mentality that the kitchen meant for only girls and women. Girls and mothers are expected to cook all the meals at home, while the boys or men engage in other manly activities; this makes most men grow up knowing little or nothing when it comes to cooking meals. Cooking instant noodles does not require a lot of culinary skills and that’s another reason Nigerian men love it because it is one of the easy meals they can quickly prepare.

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