The benefits of taking palm wine


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 11:5:38:

Palm wine is a whitish or milk coloured drink that is gotten from specie of palm tree; palm wine gets to ferment after a couple of days and becomes alcoholic. Palm wine is very popular in African and Asian countries.

In Nigeria in particular palm wine used as Kola for visitors and also used to perform traditional rites during traditional weddings. For this article, I focus on health benefits of fresh palm wine:

1. It's Good For the Eyes: Palm wine has been found to have a high content of Vitamins A which helps to improve the eye sight. The next time you notice that your eye sight is not as sharp as it should be, you can add a cup of fresh palm wine daily to your diet.

2. Helps in treatment of Measles: People in the rural area believe that palm wine is a natural cure for measles among children; how true that is, I donít know but to them, it helps to them contain cases of measles.

3. It contains Vitamin B: apart from Vitamin A, Vitamin B is another important vitamin needed by the body to function well. Vitamin B is responsible for the production of Riboflavin in the body and helps the body to fight against Beri-Beri; and the Vitamin B is found in a healthy quantity in Palm wine; which is another reason why you should try to include a few glasses of Palm wine into your weekly diet.

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