5 reasons why Nigerian students love drinking garri


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Posted by on Wednesday September 7, 2016 at 13:31:16:

One of the most popular things we ate while in boarding school during our secondary school days as students was garri. We normally drank it with water, groundnut and sugar and it was a delicious experience. However, we always had it at the back of our mind that it may not a healthy food to eat because there were rumours that it can lead to bad eyesight but that has not been proven by scientific research yet as far as many people know.

There are still many Nigerian students who drink garri and they find it hard to stop and it's probably for a variety of reasons some of which I'll mention below.

What does it mean to drink garri? Well, drinking garri has to do with putting garri in a bowl or cup of water and then scooping it with a spoon for food. Many Nigerians love to drink garri even though the traditional way to eat it is to boil, pound and then eat it with a variety of soups.

1. It's ready to eat:
One of the main reasons why Nigerian students love to drink garri is because it's ready to eat. It's a lovely food made from cassava and has a long shelf life while it can also be eaten raw without the need to cook it. It's ready to eat or drink as all a student has to do is put it in water, add sugar plus other additives and then eat it as a semi solid food substance.

2. It saves time:
Most Nigerian students know that it's faster to prepare garri for drinking than preparing other meals. It could take as little as 1 minute to prepare garri than prepare some other foods such as instant noodles.

3. It quenches hunger:
Drinking garri helps to quench the hunger of many Nigerian students. They drink garri knowing that their hunger pangs would go away in less than 3 minutes after doing so.

4. It gives energy:
Since garri is made from cassava, it's carbohydrate in nature and so gives energy to people who eat it. This is why Nigerian students feel energized whenever they drink garri.

5. It is cheap:
Garri is one of the most affordable or would I say cheapest foods in Nigeria as with just a little money, one can buy a cup and fill one's stomach with it without having to buy any other ingredient other than topping up their stomachs with water.

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