The coming of Cassava bread


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Posted by on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:57:1:

It is already in the news that Cassava bread has been produced in large quantities in Nigeria and Ekiti state have already flagged off the production. According to the legal requirement in Nigeria, at least 10% cassava flour is to be used in the production of bread and this is good news for farmers.

Cassava bread has however caused the price of bread to increase and so the final brunt is to be borne by the consumers. Last I heard was that bread price has gone up to N250 from it's initial price of N200.
So cassava farmers will smile while people who were once used to paying less for garri and akpu may now have to pay more due to its use in bread production. Maybe it's high time we go back to farming.

There has been too much talk about Garri bread even since the tenure of Obasanjo as President but till date I have never seen Garri bread to buy and I'm still searching for it.

Will cassava bread replace the need for making garri? I don't think so because there are many favourite Nigerian soups people would not be willing to give up just because of bread. I think it would just create more options for the market.

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