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Posted by on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:8:22:

How much is garri sold in Nigeria? What is the market price? How much did you buy it the last time? Well, I have to say that the price of garri tends to vary from time to time depending on the economic situation and other factors such as the cost of production.

Last time I checked in 2015, it was sold at N10,000 for a 50KG bag at a closeby retail store in Lagos. Prices also vary depending on location, size and brand. People who buy garri in smaller quantities may pay more per kg than those who buy in larger quantities. Also, it seems white garri costs less than Yellow garri. So, if you want to save money when buying garri, it's better to buy in larger quantity than small units. A paint bucket sells for about N350. Smaller portions of garri sells more per kg and these are equally sold by retailers in basins and cups at several garri stores nationwide.

Garri is one of the most commonly eaten foods in Nigeria and it's made from cassava, a starchy plant and this helps give energy to people who consume it. It's one of the most commonly produced foodstuffs in Nigeria and made by roasting cassava which has been harvested and grinded. Yellow garri is done the same way but with an addition of palm oil while roasting it on a pan or pot.

Garri is eaten after boiling and pounding in water as a semi-solid food along with palm oil based vegetable soups like egusi, okro, ogbono or bitter leaf. It can also be eaten raw or drank after soaking in water.

It's one of the cheapest and most commonly eaten food in Nigeria because it's produced by local farmers and normally available at markets all the year round.

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