Benefits of using a microwave


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:7:44:

A microwave is an electric gadget that is usually used to heat up food items. The microwave is one of the necessary gadgets that should be found in a kitchen because its use is of utmost importance. For this article, I will mention three benefits of using the microwave.

- Used For Warming Up Food: When a meal is prepared, the meal is not usually finished off at that particular time, and the remaining is stored in a refrigerator to be eaten later. Whenever the meal is to be eaten later, a microwave can be used in warming up the food to be hot. The point am trying to make is that one of the benefits of having a microwave is that, it can be used to heat up food quickly before eating.

- Preservation Of Food: A microwave can also be used to preserve food for a short period of time before it is eaten. Lets take for instance, you just dished out your food and was about to start eating when you where called for a short assignment, you can simply keep the food inside your microwave while you are way. You can use it to preserve a left over food over night to be eaten in the morning.

- Preparation Of Meal: As strange as it may sound, microwave can be used to prepare some meals; Instant noodles can be prepared using a microwaves, and also fresh meat and fish can be roasted on a microwave using higher heat intensity.

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