Why Fresh food is better than snacks


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:7:0:

In our fast world of fast food, the demands for snacks and instant meals have risen exponentially. People now prefer grabbing bites and snacks while on the go, and snacks have come to replace fresh food. Fresh food in this context includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods that can be eaten in their natural state. In this article, I will give reasons why fresh food is better than snacks and why people should go back to the habit of eating healthy:

- Fresh food contains more Vital Nutrients: there are some very vital nutrients the body requires to stay healthy and function well, such as all the classes of vitamins, minerals and proteins; these nutrients are normally found inside fresh foods especially fruits and vegetables; and these nutrients provides the body with its daily nutritional requirements. A Snack on the other hand contains more of flour and unsaturated fats as its major ingredients and large quantity of these two nutrients is not healthy for the body.

- It helps Build The Body Immune System: Fresh foods like nuts contain more nutrients that helps to boost the body’s immune system to fight against disease inside the body.

- It is easier To Prepare: Most fresh foods can be eaten raw and requires just washing off the dirt on the body with water and little salt or at most steaming for some vegetables; while snack on the other hand is harder to prepare. Most times it requires mixing of the dough, allowing the dough to rise; then deep frying the dough for snacks like chin-chin, and baking in an oven for cake.

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