5 Popular Igbo meals


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 16:47:38:

Igbo is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria. They are found in the eastern part of the country. Asides their rich cultural heritages, the Igbos are known for their delicious cuisines. Some of the popular Igbo meals are:

a. Isi Ewu, Nkwobi or Ugba na Okporoko: These three meals are very special cuisines in Igbo land. They are mostly served during a traditional marriage rite. Isi ewu is mostly made from meats from a goat head, prepared in ingredients like palm-oil, pepper, ukpaka, utazi (vegetable). Ugba which is also known as the wild bean is also prepared same way with the Isi Ewu meal and normally served with okporoko (stock fish).
b.Yam and Oil: Right from time immemorial, yam and palm-oil is a well eaten delicacy in Igbo. In fact, yam is known as the king of foods in Igbo land, and the Igbos celebrate the new yam festival every year to thank the gods for sending a food like yam to the Igbo. Salt, onion, ukpaka, pepper are some of the ingredients that are added to the oil for eating the yam.

c. Yam and Vegetables: Apart from eating yam with palm-oil, the Igbos also prepare vegetables to go with yam. It's locally called Ji na ahihia. The vegetables are either added inside the yam porridge, or prepared differently with palm-oil and eaten with white yam.

d. Rice and Ofe Akwu: Ofe akwu is a local stew made from palm-oil. Most Igbos prefer this ofe akwu to stew made from tomatoes. The local stew is used to eat white rice.

e. Garri/ Akpu and Soup: Garri and Akpu are made from cassava and are eaten with various soups like Ofe Onugbu (bitter lead soup), nsala (white soup), egusi (melon soup) and so on.

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