5 Commonly Eaten Food Items In Nigeria


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 16:41:53:

Nigeria as a country has numerous edible delicacies. In fact, each tribe has various local dishes which are unique to them. On a general note, there are meals which are eaten generally by Nigerians.

Some of the top five meals that are generally eaten by Nigerians are:

a. Rice: Nigerians love to eat rice most especially on Sundays and special occasions. In the past, it was not commonly eaten but as the white man came and introduced it, it has become a delicacy. You can hardly see a Nigerian family that doesn’t eat a rice dish at least once in a week. Most of the rice consumed in Nigeria is imported from outside the country, although local rice is cultivated in places like Abakiliki. Nigerians have various ways of enjoying their rice meal. They can eat plain white rice with stew; they can make it as jollof rice, or they can eat it with any of the local stews like Palm-oil stew.

b. Yam: This is another meal that is highly consumed by Nigerians. Luckily, yam is locally cultivated in Nigeria, making it quite affordable. Nigerians have various ways of preparing yam as a meal. Some prefer white yam with egg stew, porridge yam, or even pounded yam eaten with soup.

c. Meat: It is very rare to find a Nigerian that is a vegetarian. Nigerians love to eat meat. In fact, it is almost an insult to serve a meal to a Nigerian without meat, or fish.

d. Garri: This is made from processed cassava, and it is one of the heavily consumed staple foods in Nigeria.

e. Bread: This is normally taken with tea as breakfast in most Nigerian homes. Some people like to eat it with beans for a heavier meal

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