10 Foods Nigerians Take For Breakfast


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 16:29:17:

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it provides the body with the energy to start the day. It is also important to ensure that the breakfast contains the vital nutrients for the body.

There are many types of foods Nigerians eat for breakfast and here is a list of some of them:

a. Bread and Beans: This meal is a light meal that contains a combination of carbohydrates and proteins which makes it a perfect meal for breakfast. Beans usually take time to prepare, thus it is advisable that you prefer and preserve the beans the night before.

b. Beans and Pap: This is another popular Nigerian breakfast, although some people complain that they feel sleepy after they take a meal of beans and pap.

c. Bread and Tea: This is another popular breakfast especially for persons that are very conscious of taking light meals for breakfast. Two slices of bread and a cup of tea make for a light breakfast for persons on the go.

d. Fried Plantain and Pap: Fried ripe plantain taken with pap is another great Nigerian breakfast.

e. Fried Plantain and Fried Egg: If you normally feel sleepy after taking pap in the morning, you can opt to take fried plantain with fried eggs instead of pap.

f. Bread and Butter: If you need a quick breakfast, you can spread few slices of bread and spread butter on it.

g. Fried Yam and Stew: You can quickly slice and fry yams, then make a tomato stew to go with it.

h. Akara and Bread: You can buy few akara balls from the roadside sellers and take it with few slices of bread.

i. Akara and Pap: Just like with beans, akara can be eaten with pap as breakfast.

h. Moi-Moi: You can either take it with pap, tea or bread.

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