Noodles vs Garri: Which is better?


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Posted by on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 11:24:41:

Noodles is a pastas and pastas is made mostly from flour while Garri on the other hand is a staple food gotten from grinded and fried dry. Garri is a very common staple in Nigeria; and is usually eaten with soup or soaked in water and drank like cereal. Noodles are usually eaten alone or with a proteinous food, like meat, eggs, and fish.

I stand with view that garri is much better than noodles and both of them are eaten here in Nigeria

My Reasons:

- Less processing. More nutritious: First, on its own garri is more nutritional than noodles because garri goes through less processing. Noodles is mostly made up of flour, which is carbohydrate with little or no other nutritional value, garri on its own is made from roasted and grinded. Cassava on its own contains not only carbohydrate but traces of small vitamin and other nutrients. Also when frying the yellow garri, red palm oil is always added, and the red oil serves as a good source of vitamins A which helps improve general eyesight.

- It is normally eaten with green vegetables unlike Noodles which is mostly prepared alone that is why if you eat noodles for a few days straight on, you will begin to loose appetite for it.

- It is more satisfying: Garri satifies one's stomach much more than noodles which contains less fiber and carbohydrates. Garri helps more in times of hunger to stop it but noodles doesn't stop hunger as much.

- Cheaper: Finally, garri is cheaper and readily available since it's mostly grown in Nigeria. It is the common food for most Nigerians. Although noodles sell for just cheap too, you would need more money to buy enough that will be sufficient for a whole family, you will have to spend more money when compared to the amount you would have been spent on garri.

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