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Chin-chin is a crunchy snack that is golden brown or yellowish in color and made from flour. It is normally deep fried. It can be soft or hard, depending on individual choice It is very common here in Nigeria, and it is one of the easiest snacks to prepare, and can be served alone, or with Soft drinks or Juice. This post would take you through on how prepare this crunchy snack. From the utensils needed, to the recipes to the final process of preparing the snack.

- Medium Sized Bowl: 2,(for mixing the dough)
- Flat Tray: (for kneading out the dough before it is ready to be cut)
- Sieve: (for sieving the fried Chin-chin to drain the excessive oil)
- Frying Pan: (used for deep frying)
- Frying Spoon: (used for stirring the when the Chin-chin is on fire and for scooping out the fried Chin-chin)
- Knife: (to cut the dough to the desired shapes and sizes)
- Dough roller(to flatten the dough on a flat surface)

RECIPE: Depending on the quantity you are planning to prepare, the major recipes for preparing a plateful Chin-chin include:
- Flour ( you can also make use of Wheat flour ) : 450g
- Milk: 1 cup or 100g of powdered milk
- Butter: 150g (add more if you need it to be soft )
- Granulated sugar : 1 cup
- Eggs: 2
- Nutmeg: 2 medium size.
- Vanilla or flavor : 1 table spoon
- Vegetable oil : 1 Ĺ bottle.
- Salt: a pint

Pour the flour, salt, sugar, nutmeg into a bowl. Add butter into the bowl and knead them together. Knead together and stop only when you donít feel any lump inside the mixture. Add the liquid milk and eggs into the dough and continue the kneading, until very smooth dough with no lumps is gotten.

Place the dough on top of a flat surface and gently knead with the dough roller (some people use wine bottle in place of dough roller either way, you would still get the same result).

After you have flattened out the dough, cut it into the desired shape and size you want. Remember to rob flour when on the flat surface when cutting, to avoid the cut dough from sticking together.

Get a Frying pan; add the 1 bottle of Vegetable oil. (This is because; Chin-chin is deep fried).

Deep fry in hot vegetable oil until it turns a golden brown color. Remember to stir it continuously while itís frying.
Scoop the fried Chin-chin with a frying spoon and place into a Sieve, so that it can drain out the excessive Vegetable oil inside it. Transfer it to a flat tray to and allow it to cool off. When the Chin-chin is cool enough, store in an Air-tight container.

If you want the Chin-chin to be soft, add more of butter, milk and more eggs to dough but for a Crunchier result, reduce the quantity of butter and milk. Your Chin-chin snack is ready to be served.

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