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Akamu also known as pap is one of the common native Igbo meals mostly eaten in Nigeria and Igbo communities around the world. Akamu is normally prepared from fermented corn starch and is a corn meal that is mostly carbohydrate based in nutrient. It is commonly taken in the morning before going out for the day's work.

To prepare Akamu is quite easy and takes about 10 minutes requiring heat, water and a good recipe.

Things needed
- Fermented ground corn (You can find it in the market from akamu sellers)
- Water
- Heat
- Sugar or Honey(optional)

- Put the ground corn solid in a small ceramic or iron bowl
- Add a little water to help in breaking it down
- Break it down completely using a spoon or small pistol
- Boil water in a pot to over 100 C
- Slowly pour the hot water to the corn and stir
- Keep stirring until a perfect solution has been made
- Allow the akamu to sit in and cook for a while
- Add some sugar or honey if you want

Serve on the table while hot.

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