Fried Goat meat and Palm oil Recipe


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Posted by Juliet on Tuesday August 2, 2011 13:4:55:

This is a favourite delicacy among Nigerian folks, particularly the Igbo.
It is made from goat meat which has been fried together with some palm oil and other sauces.

Ingredients needed:

I pound of goat meat
Curry and Thyme
Seasoning and salt
Chilli pepper
Palm oil
Vegetable oil

Cut the goat meat into smaller sizes and put them in a pot with water and seasoning, salt, curry and thyme and cook till tender. Leave it to cool.
Now fry the cooked goat meat in a frying pan with vegetable oil and fry for a while and take out.

In a frying pan, add palm oil and heat it until it gets hot. Then cut some pepper and salt to fry. Take it out.

Now serve the goat meat with the fried palm oil garnished with pepper

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