Why Nigerian men mostly patronize public restaurants


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 16:2:4:

If you visit a Bukka, Fast food Joint or a Restaurant, you will notice that majority of the people there are male; it is really uncommon to see a Nigerian lady that eats here three square meals in a Public restaurant, but that is a very common thing among the male folk. Letís look at some of the reasons why Nigerian men patronize Public restaurant:

1. Very Busy Schedule: most men claim that they donít have the time to cook up meals at home because of their very busy schedules; to them, they wake up and zoom of very early to get to work on time, and most times they work until 5pm or further; that means that they are left with no other option than to have break fast and lunch at any Public restaurant around or the companyís canteen.

2. Little or no cooking Skills: we live in a society where it is believed that the kitchen is the place for women; so growing up most of the male folk were not allowed to partake in kitchen activities, that is the cause of their poor culinary skills; there are still some men out there who have very excellent culinary skills, but due to their tight skill, they eat outside most of the time.

3. Easy Option: most men see Public restaurant as the easy option to take care of their feeding needs; to them it is more stressful to go to market purchase ingredients, and prepare the meal when they can get to a restaurant and get served instantly.

4. Budget friendly: A Nigerian man can keep a tab on his spending by deciding on how much to spend at at restaurant or food joint. This helps to let him manage his income relative to his expenditure. A reasonable man will not spend N600 a day on food when he only makes N18,000 a month.

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