Akamu and Akara (Fried bean cake and pap) Recipe)


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Posted by Nkechi on Tuesday August 2, 2011 12:36:9:

This is a recipe you can use to prepare the favourite Nigerian dish - Akamu and Akara.

Ingredients needed:
1 cup of Beans
1 bottle of vegetable oil
Uncooked pap/akamu

Soak the beans in water for 30 minutes to soften eat and remove any debris. Wash out the skin after 30 minutes in water and then grind it in a mortar or grinder together with pepper and onions. After grinding, add some salt to taste.

The Akara (Bean Cake)
Put the frying pan with vegetable oil on fire and heat it. Using a big spoon, take scoops of the grounded beans and place them in the frying oil. Keep adding more scoops as space would allow you. Now add some sliced pepper and onions and allow it to fry the bean cake/akara until it is golden brown.
Remove it with a sieve and place in a basin or paper cup to soak away excess oil.

The Akamu (Pap)
Boil some water in a pot or kettle until it is really steamed. While it is boiling, break down the solid pap(if it has not been grinded) in a large bowl. You can use a little water to soften it while you break it down with a spoon or small pestle. Keep on turning it until it forms a good paste without any lumps.
Now take the water which must have reached over 100 C and pour in gently into the pap containing bowl, stir and allow to cook the pap for a moment. You can keep turning the pap until it has been thoroughly cooked in the bowl and well mixed. You can then add sugar.

You can now serve your Akamu and Akara (Pap and Bean cake)

Re: Akamu and Akara (Fried bean cake and pap) Recipe) Posted by Jim on Thursday July 26, 2012 at 2:39:50:

I have to say thank you. Nobody has really tried to break down the nuitirtonal and caloric content of our traditional foods. Please keep up the good work!As for akara, I avoid it like the plague. Its just not something I crave. nevertheless, the beans is a great part of a healthy diet. I just think that once the beans is fried in palm kernel oil (which is high in saturated fats), any nuitirtonal value is lost. What do you think? Again, thanks for doing this.

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