Why Milk is good for you


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 11:16:1:

Milk should be an important part of our diet, though adults shy away from taking milk because of the fat contents in milk especially non skimmed milk. Nobody is too old to include milk in their diet because doing that will mean missing out on the many benefits that comes with taking milk.

Letís talk a look at some of the health benefits you get from talking milk and why milk is good for you;

- Weight loss: for those who think that milk is the number factor that is making them add the extra pounds, research has shown that people that include milk in their diet especially skimmed milk tend to loose weight than those that donít.

- Glowing body: drinking a glass of milk daily will make your skin to glow; this because milk contains lactic acids that act as exfoliates and enzymes that help to smoothens the skin; also if you have a sun burn, you can take milk to help the skin heal faster.

- Healthy bones and teeth: milk contains calcium in large quantity, and calcium helps to keep the bones healthy; that is why milk is recommended for children to help their bones develop and grow strong, while for adults, milk is needed to help the bones healthy. Milk is also needed for healthy teeth and prevents tooth decay.

- It Build muscles: people that engage in hard and strenuous jobs or exercises are advised to take few cups of milk daily; this is because helps to replenish spent muscles and replace fluid lost during the strenuous work.

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