Why Nigerians prefer eating Cassava


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday October 6, 2014 at 11:25:14:

Cassava is the number one staple food in Nigeria; it is also said that Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of cassava in Africa. Cassava can be kept to ferment, pounded and eaten with soup; it can be processed and fried to become Garri; it can also be made into tapioca or into other cassava staple meals in Nigeria. Over 90 percent of Nigerians eats cassava or one cassava related meal or the other at least once a day; in this article, I will discuss why Nigerians prefer eating cassava meals:

- Cassava Meals are affordable: Cassava is mostly cultivated and processed in Nigeria; this makes it cheaper than other food stuffs like rice that are imported into Nigeria from other countries. Even other cassava related meals like Garri are very cheap, so most times people love to go for the cheaper option where they can eat to their satisfaction without spending much on it.

- Gives More Satisfaction: Most Nigerians especially those that engage in energy consuming works prefer cassava meals because it is a heavy meal and gives them lasting satisfaction and needed energy than other meals like tea and bread. Also most times, they can eat it over and over again with different soups without feeling tired of eating the same type of meal

- It's easy To Prepare: It is very easy to cultivate process and prepare cassava meals once it has been processed; you need just a soup to eat a good cassava meal, no need for other extra condiments.

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