The hazards of eating in public places


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Posted by on Tuesday May 27, 2014 at 14:11:51:

Most times, whether by choice or not, people find themselves eating most of their meals in public places. Example of such public places include hotels, restaurants, fast foods joints or when we go for public functions such parties and public events. Most of us have gotten so used to eating in these places that we donít consider the dangers associated with such habit.

Food poisoning: People who are used to eating in public places and function are at the risk of suffering from health hazards if the meals were not properly hygienically prepared. Food poisoning can occur in such places and people can get cholera as a result of that. Not all food vendors take proper care to ensure that means are properly prepared.

Food Allergies: Some people are allergic to some certain food additives and when consumed they suffer from complications related to food allergies which can be a danger to their health.

Financial cost: It may be a bit more expensive to eat in some public places than if you just ate at home. If you are going out to eat, ensure you know how much it's going to cost you and then plan for it to suit your budget.

Physical Security: People who eat in public places tend to have less physical protection than those who eat in private places. This is because they can easily be targeted and attacked at such public places by terrorists, kidnappers and assassins. Many important people prefer spending less time in the public even when eating a meal because of their personal security.

Communicable diseases: Diseases that are transferable can easily be communicated where people are gathered together such as in public places and so it may just be better to eat in private.

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