How instant noodles saves you time and money


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Posted by on Monday May 12, 2014 at 17:42:58:

Instant noodles is a food product that has come to stay in Nigeria. It comes in different brands, packs and sizes and most them are fortified with vitamins, which makes them nutritious too.

Some popular brands include Indomie, Dangote, Tummy yummy, Honeywell, Mimee and others. Some of the reasons why people prefer instant noodle is because of its cheap price and it is easy to prepare. This article will take you through how instant noodles help you save time and money.

Speaking of the aspect of how it saves time: As the name implied, instant noodles are prepared almost instantly. It doesnít take much time to get done like other meals. A maximum of 5 minutes is what you need in most cases and your Instant noodle meal is ready to be served. This is why most families that have little time for breakfast, prefer to eat instant noodles before leaving the house.

On the aspect of saving money, instant noodle is one of the cheapest meals to prepare. A 120 grams pack of instant noodles goes for 50 naira, and 2 packs of this can satisfy and average adult; that is 100 naira for a full meal. Also you donít need an additional meal to supplement it, like you do with other meals, because instant noodles can be eaten alone or with meat, egg or fish to add extra protein supplement. This adds up to save you money also because of the fact that it doesnít take time to prepare, it save you kerosene, or gas, or electricity bills because not much of these are consumed when preparing instant noodles.

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