How to stop your Kerosene stove from giving up too much smoke


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Posted by Felix on Monday July 4, 2011 13:13:16:

A lot of households in Africa and third world countries make use of kerosene to cook their daily meals and most ven use it indoors despite the health hazards.
If you are used to using Kersonse stoves to cook at home, make sure you do it outdoors or close to an air outlet. Don't use it indoors or in a closed space at it emits dangerous gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide so it needs some ventilation and oxygen in order to be safe for home use. You may try using it somewhere close to your window or veranda.

Why does your Kerosene stove emit smoke?
Well it depends on a lot of factors but it is mostly as a result of unburnt kerosene escaping as gases of smoke which can cause breathing problems and eye irritation for those nearby. Kerosene fumes happends when the kerosene is not fully burnt so you need to remedy this. It mostly happens when your stove is getting worn out or some parts need to be replaces

How to correct this
- You may buy a new stove
- You may replace the ropes or thread
- You need to ensure that there are no loose spaces from where the rope just pops out of the tank
- You can reduce the height of the burning thread

Note: If you allow your stove to keep emitting smoke to people living in your household, it could have long term respiratory problems and side effects such as neurological or kidney damage, including blood clots that damage the brain, heart or other organs. So use it safely

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