How to deposit money into a bank account in Nigeria


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Posted by Akanakem on Tuesday August 16, 2016 at 8:7:55:

There are various ways to deposit money into a bank account in Nigeria; they include cash deposit over the counter, transfer made with an ATM and a cash deposit via an ATM. This article will focus on how to make a cash deposit into a Nigerian bank account.

Cash deposit requires that you visit the banking hall, and maybe, spend countless number of hours standing on long queues, but the advantage is that cash deposits gives no room for mistakes.

Steps To Making A Deposit In A Nigerian Bank Account
i. You need to visit the bank similar to where the beneficiary maintains an account. When you get there, the next step is to pickup a deposit slip. Deposit slips are usually get on the Flier desk or you can ask walk up to any of the customer care Staff and require for a deposit slip.

ii. Enter the following details on the deposit slip - The name and account number of the beneficiary, date, the amount (both in words and in figure), your name and telephone number and finally your signature.

iii. Walk up to any of the Teller in the banking hall. The Teller will deposit slip which you filled earlier, and the cash. The Teller will then credit the account of the beneficiary and give you either an electronic printout or the blue and pink copies of the deposit slip. If you are given the blue and pink copies, then you are required to drop the pink copy inside the book provided for it and go with the blue copy.

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