How to check your bank account balance using an ATM


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Posted by Akanakem on Monday August 15, 2016 at 17:3:23:

One of the services which are rendered by an ATM is display of a customer’s bank account balance. Thus, most customers simply make use of the ATM to check their account balance instead of visiting a banking hall.

Checking of account balance with an ATM is a simple and straight forward procedure, and luckily, you can use an ATM belonging to another bank to check your balance in an account maintained in another bank. You need an ATM Card to check your account bank via an ATM. The card can be a Verve Card, a MasterCard or a VisaCard.

How To Check Your Account Balance Using An ATM:
The first step is to visit any of the ATM outlets near you. When you get to an ATM stand, insert your card into the ‘Card Slot’ on the ATM. The ATM will display a Welcome message with your Full names on display.

The next is to type in your PIN. Your PIN is the four digits secret number which you need to carry out an ATM transaction. After you enter your PIN, the display screen on the ATM will bring out various options like Withdrawal, Recharge, and Transfer; click on the ‘Check Balance’ Option. The option is to choose whether your account is a ‘Current account or a ‘Savings account’.

The next step is that the ATM will give you the option to receive a notification slip or not, after which your Account balance details will show on the display screen. Finally, click on the ‘Nothing Else’ option for the ATM to eject your Card.

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