How to cash a cheque at a Nigerian bank branch


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Posted by Akanekem on Monday August 15, 2016 at 16:13:48:

A cheque is a form of withdrawal booklet issued to current account holders. Most current account holders prefer to make third party withdrawals through cheque.

Cashing or depositing a cheque into your personal account can be quite intimidating for first timers, but it is quite a very simple process.

For you to make this kind of transaction, you need to have a valid Identity Card. It could be a driverís license, a voterís card or Nigerian passport. Also, you need to ensure that the names on your ID are the same with the names written on the cheque. Failure to do so could warrant a non-payment by the bank with the alternative being depositing it into your bank account.

If you have any of the ID mentioned above, the next step is to visit any of the branch of the cheque issuer holds an account. For instance, if the name of the bank on the cheque is First Bank PLC, then you have to visit any of the branches of first bank. After you present the cheque to the Teller (Front Desk Cashier), you need to request for the amount to be deposited into your personal account and not cash payment.

You will be given a deposit slip fill if you have an account with the bank. If on the other hand you donít have an account with the bank, you will be given a interbank transfer slip to fill. For each of the slips, you need to enter your name, account number and amount. After verifying the cheque and making a photocopy of your ID, the Teller will transfer the amount from the issuerís account to your own account.

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