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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 10:45:34:

Whether you are using a prepaid or Post paid electricity meter, there is need to conserve your electricity consumption rate to lower your cost of electricity bills. If not, you may see yourself spending more than necessary maintain your electricity service.

I will mention some tips that can help you save electricity and reduce your electricity bills;

1. Use Solar Power: solar generated power from the sun (solar) and converts it to Alternative Current (AC); you can save the electricity by making use of solar panels to reduce your dependence on electricity. The solar panel can be constructed and installed on the roof of your house; where you can use it to generate an alternative power supply to supplement electric power.

2. Switch off power when away: leaving gadgets and power on when you are not using them or when you are leaving the house consumes much power; learn to put off and electronic gadget you are not using at the moment; also, if you are leaving the house for a longer time, put of your meter. This way, if you forget to put off any gadget, it will not consume power while you are away.

3. Purchase Lower Voltage Gadgets: another way to conserve electricity is to go for low voltage gadgets when shopping for your electronic; there are some electronics like Hot plates, Heaters, Air Conditioners that consume much power when not in use,

4. Look for products that come with low power consumption rating.

5. Replace old generation electronics: Most old model electronics tend to use more electricity than new ones as new ones tend to be designed to consume lower energy and so replacing an old fridge for instance might even save you on electric bills for the long term.

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