Can I make money with my mobile phone?


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Posted by on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:37:13:

Many people in our world of today now have mobile phones and some users who need money may have wondered if it were possible to just make money using their phones.

"Is there any business I can do with my mobile phone that will earn me some money?" is a kind of question a person may ask.

This is a question a lot of young people who have mobile phones may already be asking. Well, a mobile phone is a great asset to have and if you know how to use it right, you can actually make money with it.

Here are a couple of ways to make money with your mobile phone:

- Microblogging: You can start blogging on your mobile phone by simply making use of a blogging app. The money actually comes by the time you write a lot of articles and then sell your advertising space to online advertisers like Google adsense

- Twitter marketing: You can also make money on Twitter by using it to market any product or service you are affiliated to. You stand to make money from commissions when your followers or readers follow your link to buy something from your affiliate landing page. It's possible to tweet with mobile phones

- Capturing important pictures or video and selling them:
You never know where the news can break but your mobile phone can help capture some important news event that no one else may have and you can sell this stuff to news companies as a form of digital content. For this you just need a mobile phone that has a good camera and storage space.

- Playing gsm lotteries: There are many GSM lotteries nowdays although I don't really support this but it's a possible way to make money. You just need to have some credit on your phone to play and if you are lucky, you may just win.

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