How to get a Naira Mastercard in Nigeria


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 14:56:20:

A Naira MasterCard is international debit card issued by the MasterCard international through Banks in Nigeria. The difference between a Naira MasterCard and the Dollar MasterCard is that with the former, your card is linked to an account funded with the Nigerian Naira. It is actually better to have a MasterCard linked to your Naira account than just a local Card because a local debit card is limited to Nigeria, while a Naira MasterCard can be used for International transactions but you can still limit it to just local transactions. Some people have been making inquires on how to get a Naira MasterCard for one reasons or the other and this article will take you through the process of getting a MasterCard with your Naira account.

• Open a Naira bank account: If you already have an account with the bank and you need to get a Naira MasterCard then you may skip this step else if you don’t, you just need to visit any of the bank’s branch near you to open a Savings or a Current account; preferably savings account. Opening an account is pretty very easy these days, just visit the Customer Care section and request to open a new account, bring some Naira, passport photos, proof of address and a filled application form.

• Apply For The MasterCard: After you open an account and you are issued an account number, the next step is to request for a Naira MasterCard to be linked to your account; you can do this while you are opening an account. You will be given a ‘MasterCard Application Form’ to fill.

• Collection and Activation: It take between 5 to 14 working days for your card to be processed and sent to your branch; you will be notified via SMS when the card is ready. Visit the same branch you opened the card, you will be given the card, with a 4 digits PIN, visit the bank’s ATM and change the PIN.

With your new Naira Mastercard, you can now make payments on POS machines, use ATMs and even to shop online globally and locally on sites like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and Aliexpress.

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