The importance of having a health insurance


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 16:36:7:

Just like every other insurance cover, a health insurance is an insurance cover taken to protect against unforeseeable health challenges in the near future. How the health insurance works is that you register with an insurance company and choose any of their health insurance package; you pay in a monthly frees called premium to the insurance company on the agreement that the company foots the medical bill for any health challenge you may have in the future. Some developed countries make it compulsory for citizens to have health or medical insurance cover.

In this article, I will discuss some importance or benefits of having a health insurance cover;

1. Health Insurance can save you money: it is much cheaper to maintain you health insurance package than to pay for an emergency medical treatment. Medical treatments are so expensive these days, and if you reside in a country like Nigeria with fewer medical facilities you will agree that it is cheaper to go for a health insurance package.

2. Access to Better Health Care: you have access to a better health care with your health insurance; because the health insurance company will do everything within their reach to give you the best for you to retain their services.

3. Reduced death Rate: Many deaths that have occurred over the years in Nigeria would have been avoided if there was a good health care insurance system in the country or if more awareness was created about it.

4. It helps avoid raising emergency funds: There has been numerous cases of Nigerian celebrities who were not able to raise enough funds for a kidney transplant and they ended up dying. If they had a sound health insurance, it would have taken care of such needs.

5. It protects you for the dry days: You may not always have the same financial flow in the future as you did in the past and a time may come when you'd need to pay a huge fee for medical treatment. However, with a health insurance program that you've been contributing to gradually in small bits, it could help you avoid having to run around borrowing money or selling your important assets just to get treated.

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